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Evil Sams Hunter Goods

AuthorEvil Sams Hunter Goods
Hello and welcome names Sam... Evil Sam How May i help you today?

Hunter Gear

Hunter hat 0/10----------------Units 1
Hunter pendant 0/10------------Units 1
Hunter Pendant 10/10-----------Units 1
Hunter Shirt 0/10--------------Units 1
Hunter Bow 0/10----------------Units 1
Hunter BroadSword 0/7----------Units 1
Hunter BroadSword 10/10--------Units 1
Hunter Shiend 0/9--------------Units 1
Hunter Boots 10/10-------------Units 1
Hunter Boots 0/10--------------Units 1

Master Hunter Gear

Master Hunter Bow 10/10--------Units 1
Master Hunter Cutlass 10/10----Units 1
Master hunter ring of flight 10/10 units 1
Master hunter ring of dexterity 10/10 units

Make your offers to me If you like...
(gives you a evil look when you walk out of the shop)
+ all hunters needs at Evil Sams hunters goods
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