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Elven Bowmen missing shots

AuthorElven Bowmen missing shots
EB's double shots were counted as 2 shots, I guess, and they run out of them very quickly!!! and their last shot was'nt even double!!!
Your elven has no more shots left. that's the reason.

Watch your combat again, you'll see there's one time when your elven used one shot against the imps resulting your number of shots to become an odd number.
Your Elven bowmen killed Spawns with 1 arrow. So the number of arrows elven bowmen left will be a ood number...

It is common sense:
If you have 10 fishballs. You always swallow 2 fish ball at a time.
The first try you swallow, you left 8 fishballs.
But the second time you swallow only 1 fishball.
That means you have a total of 7 fishballs left...
(You dun choke on the fishballs in this case;D)
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