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Congratulatiosn to all who understand sarcasm

AuthorCongratulatiosn to all who understand sarcasm
I would just like to congratulate all who use and appreciate the use of sarcasm on a regular basis. I am increasingly seeing it be used frequently in forums, which is quite a feat, since it is often very difficult to decode the use of sarcasm in text, as the usual clues, and knowledge about a persons sense of humour is lacking.

Some say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, however I disagree, I think it is only those with a low sense of wit and (other things) that fail to see the brilliance of it, and so strike out against the good name of sarcasm to hide their own inadequacies.

And since sarcasm requires the writer and reader to be of a higher level of mental faculty, teh greater use means either we have people with greater mental faculties, or just simply more mental.

Please note, in no way is this message sarcastic, it is eminantly sincere, with no hint of double meanings. Note, I have just contradicted myself by writing this sentance. Damm.
Sarcasm? What is that? Where can I buy some?

Congratulations to all those who already have some.

Have Fun

Sarcasm. I has none of it :(
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