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Congratulations to these 6 people

AuthorCongratulations to these 6 people
Congratulations to all those who were renting my arts and made a well-deserved place in top 3. I hope they are going to enjoy their price when it will arrive in a few days :) Have a good time using them :)

1st places:
lv 5 elf: Zazoe
lv 6 elf: Zazoe
lv 7 DE: Shibbolleth
lv 11 elf: Nottingham

2nd places:
lv 6 demon: Agent_004

3rd places:
lv 4 knight: Qioflash
lv 5 elf: Ashik-k
lv 5 knight: Qioflash
I'm glad to make you proud ;)
I couldn't have done it without you. thank you again
:) thx Penny that could only happen thanks to your renting art services :)
Gratz to all 7!
Not only do your Temptress Boots help me win, they show off my legs and make me look great :)
The boots indeed look fantastic :)
I'm glad to make you proud ;)
thanks for rent
i am also glad to make u proud

i think u are best renter ever

once more thanks sis
tnx p3nny thnx for renting aswell
need it next toruny again ^^
send orders in good time, I will be away from saturday to saturday :) so use period will be long! :)

I will see if I can get online an hour or so in that period wednesday so I can send arts to other people, we will see ^^ will put information in my renting room when I know more
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