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to ban player for good

Authorto ban player for good
my friend (lusoebo) play this game from the start 2008
he is first in our country and he now enter top 100 list
but he got cheated by HACKER!
he is one kind of man
his transfer list is so clear but after been cheated,his transfer log become full of dirty
so he don't want to play this game anymore,he said this game is full with hacker,cheater and the admin don't punish enough
so he tired of playing this game,he really want to shut down his character (lusoebo),so the cheater can't play his account anymore.The cheater name is (lipailong),i want to him to be blocked too (this is my personal wish)
anyone who support this comment (+)
anyone who disagree this comment(-)
thanks for reading this,
wish happy and clean lordswm
long live Empire!
Duplicate topic - locking
closed by Slynky (2010-09-03 14:51:09)
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