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clan #611 Empire Of Courage And Determination

Authorclan #611 Empire Of Courage And Determination
its a new clan
leader - GKH
well we have just set our outposts on the game
we would love to see that the sincere lords join our clan
the clan fee is cheap only for 750 gp if you want to join please transfer the amount of gold to the leader GKH or to me or any other recruiter and please write the discription also. there will be many activities in this clan but we need atleast 40 members first please join.


(tyrisia this is the second thread for the clan first one is locked by you but this one has the info mentioned by you so dont lock this on)
for joining
1 transfer money to a recruiter of clan or the clan leader itself with discripltion
2 then we will send you the clan invitation
3 you must accept the clan invitation which comes in the down right corner
[Player banned by moderator Tyrisia until 2010-09-17 08:56:26 // no clan thread bump more than once every 24h. Warning]
There is another thread is open with same clan name so i am locking this one
closed by Lady Tyrisia (2010-09-18 20:17:37)
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