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Wrongfully ban

AuthorWrongfully ban
My sister has been banned for password transfer to me ?
But I never get her details - we simply playing from the same computer. No every one is rich enough to have 2 decks.

10-10-10 09:28: Player blocked. // extrachar Ahnazar [14]/password transfer

She had description in her Profile, as I have one. Saying that we're family.
She didn't need transfer to me passwords - it's probably remembered in the system, but I never used her Character. I was proud and happy when she was sharing my hobby.

Please unblock her.
She didn't need transfer to me passwords
it`s not true, for example
10-10 08:45:26
09-10 18:29:29
closed by Lexa (2010-10-11 13:44:30)
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