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Multi , illegal transfers , fake loans !

AuthorMulti , illegal transfers , fake loans !
tjomik__ and slventus


many loans and money transfers and never gaved back ... and tjomik__ has 200 gold so dont have to pay them .

salventus and mag_1994


these guys are tjomik__ and slventus and they transfer from one to the other the money and never give back ! slaventus is the bigger one (lvl 10) and get the most gold from his benefits .
10-09-10 16:13: Transferred 80000 Gold to slventus : ewe 150k
10-09-10 16:11: Transferred 20000 Gold to Konan77 : dolg
10-09-10 16:11: Transferred 20000 Gold to vgc : dolg
I give back money every time
At us ip-adress doesn't coincide
Tjomik__ my friend, I give him a loan he gives me he's got a month that would give me debt! admins can verify that we have un-addressed different!
he is from Estonia and I'm from England!
magician, too, my friend is a simple but transfers between each other, we were not!
Please do not block
ahaha...max loan only in 1 month...
that mean u false
u r reach more then 1 month
the very first loan I gave him 09-23-10 15:10: Received 20,000 Gold from slventus: credit

still no month
has not yet passed a 1 month!!
okey...let see if ur multi can pay back...
i realy like to see who got nice gold n arts get blocked
arts, too, gave in debt mk another problem with the finances! But if he should pay the money then, and write
it is not mult!!! this is my friend!!!
mag_1994 my brother!!
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