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A topic to notify each other on changes


AuthorA topic to notify each other on changes
i can tell 1 more change-
labourers giuld is now till ten!!!!
see this for example
see what?
for navimegaman:
Sorry for last post

Laborers' guild: 9 (13856) +86144
nice, if he will not sleep, i 10 years, he will have next level of LG :)
so the lvl 10 is 110,000 hrs? thats 12 years of none stop enrolling....
maybe an update will make it 2 or 3 points per enroll(Not possible but hoping:))
so the lvl 10 is 110,000 hrs? thats 12 years of none stop enrolling....

If one is the super duper ultra optimistic type, that's one way to read that the administration have no plans to close this server anytime soon.. :p
Laborers' guild: 9 (13856) +86144

This is displayed like on .ru before the update. Now on .ru:

LG 10 - 17000
LG 11 - 23000
LG 12 - 30000
Since .ru and .com are different. It is still possible that the admins will make it stay this way. So everybody will try to reach the 110,000 hours. :)
Actually, I'm a tad lost here. According to,

Post #50 -
In .ru, it takes 17,000 hours to reach LG10,

Post #45 -
here in .com, we need.. 110,000 hours to reach LG10 (??)

That's like a difference of 93,000 hours, or more than 10 years (!?)
On .ru they got an update which introduced level 10, 11 and 12 for the guilds. Here LG10 doesn't exist yet, so it's a huge number. Probably the update here will introduce them also and make it the same as on .ru. Not that it matters much anyway, noone reached the number of LG 10 yet, or is even close.
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