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get alternate account blocked

Authorget alternate account blocked
i had an alt account mitash which i afterwords stopped using

i mentioned it first in my personal info but afterwords

i removed that and i made another alt tremendose which i

mentioned in my profile but i want now it to be blocked

mitash also(not mitashjain)

so plz ponder over it

as i want to join a mil. clan and according to the wise

leader first i have to get my tranfer log confirmed

(that it izz clear) so plz arctic plz see to it

here i recieved some gold from mitash


and here i returned it
the items which are in the transfer log of mitash were returned

they r not illegaly transfered i was told by silverhand

(former leader of warrior guild wrath) as they were first illegally

transfered to me by mitash
closed by Lexa (2010-11-08 22:20:07)
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