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25 th survival tournament 3lvl


Author25 th survival tournament 3lvl
Hello, we write the wave, and as much as they scored!
a) left b) right c) top d) low

1) On all sides of hell hounds (1 piece)
2) On all sides luki_skely (7units)
3) A and B, prairie wolves in 2 pieces and g 3 mercenary
4) left and right a hell hounds
5) left 6 young yashera bottom 6 arbov
6) 1 mercenary law
7) left 15 spiders bottom 10 plague
8) on all sides by 14 gargoyle
9) IMPROVED top rider on a yasherah left a personal
bottom of the 9 nymphs
Highest score: [Necromancer] 2492

9)top:lizard assilants
bot:9 dryads

10)all 4 11 sharpshooters(uped crossbowmen)
(barbarian) 3819
now 3820
11) 3sirens 1ogre 3sirens 1ogre
12) 1royal griffin 4beholders 1royal griffin 4beholders
13) - 4evil eyes 5beholders -
14) 4water elementals 1paladin 4water elementals 1paladin

the end

try to beat that(it is greater the the last 2 tournament's leaders)
for makapse:

haha its different in tourney
last one was tough this one is easy ;)
For barbarian_004:

How many you have typed points?
Wizard. who scored how many?
anyway of knowing or finding out where you stand in terms of your points score....or do you just wait for the outcome and only find out then.

Can't believe a lvl 3 Barbarian can score 3820 then 4820!

I cannot get past 2751.....anyone available to help teach me??
Amount of attempts: 7 (1)
Highest score: [Dark elf] 3240
How is it possible to beat the Sharpshooters? I have full gear, except back, which is 4 lvl item, so for lvl 3 I am full geared. You have +1att and +1 def more then me(basic - HG/LG). How can you reach so much?
hey stupid necro, if u want to post waves post it clearly, dont write down those shit and make me did stupid mistakes
and what the hell is young yashera??
lizard cubs=lizard cubs

dont post this type of stupid language!
demon 5 k
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