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Transfers that are against the rules

AuthorTransfers that are against the rules
this player has a lot of transfers that are against the rule.

here is his transfer log:

here is another player:

In addition to the player mentioned in #2

i know before i do illegal transfer but my alt account just 2, dragon555 and shadow555, they are inactive coz im forget the pass and mail.
Other that all my familly and friends account. I never ask them about gold i'll back all they send to me.
And today gurl_barbarian send me message if i not give her loan he will report me and make blocked like eddreine. Its a right or wrong to get loan or give warning from someone?
I'll accep penalty if empire or administrator game give me that or anything. But i didnt want give her even 1 gold.
closed by Arctic (2010-11-16 14:50:23)
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