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!! please unblock my character;(

Author!! please unblock my character;(
why blocked my character ;( eragen and mizes is my family.
my character blocked Ocio00 write this...Player blocked. // multiple characters management rules violation

and why unblocked this haracter?!! ;( my blocked and him unblocked!
Player unblocked. // Amnesty. Make sure you stay in the rules.
what don't you treat players the same for? !!!
please help my...
4. Questions regarding penalties, unblock requests, and other kinds of communication with Administration are made with the help of Secretary (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4). If your combat level is below the 3rd and you can't use the private mail - either raise your level or ask your friends or clanmates. Contacting the Administration via "Queries & Help" is SENSELESS.

To be honest! the reason why you got blocked is serious and unblock should not be expected!

and next player unblocked

blocked by it alone what I and unblocked...
why this game he has changeable principles for every player.
he wants to be treated the same as they
closed by Queen_Amanda (2010-11-16 18:11:57)
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