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defizz ows me money

Authordefizz ows me money
Date: 2010-11-19 19:32:52

From: defizz

To: oOo-bubu-oOo

Subject: Re(4):

and u wont get it back :P



and he said he will give me back the 2000 gold i lent him in 2 hours
3.17. The Administration does not take responsibility for the unreturned debts and does not guarantee compensation in case of swindling by other players. When a loan is not returned in time, (the time must be written in the transfer logs, no more than a month) the swindler will be imposed a penalty of a sum twice as much. If the term isn't posted in the transfer logs, the penalty will occur 1 month after the loan transaction. The creditor does not get compensation.
closed by Arctic (2010-11-21 19:14:52)
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