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#696 the mystical warriors

Author#696 the mystical warriors
A hearty WELCOME to all the members of this lively community.

This clan is basically for those who believe in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension.It is the pursuit of communion with, identity with, or conscious awareness of an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, instinct or insight. Mysticism usually centers on a practice or practices intended to nurture those experiences or awareness.All the clan mates would be referred to as MYSTICS.
=============================================================================================== =====
* If a person donates 30 gold he will get 1 point
* If a person refers someone to join this clan he/she will get 8 points
0-25 points-citizen
25-50 points-farmer
50-100 points-rebel
100-250 points-social worker
250-500 points-guardians
500+ points-mystic
=============================================================================================== =====
Requirements :
* Should be your main account
* Combat level 5 or above.
* Clean transfer log
* No afk in combats deliberately
* Shouldn't be inactive for more than 3 months (eviction as most never return).
* Should be an active participant in clan battles and chats.
=============================================================================================== =====
Entrance -
* Should be able to pay 1k for recruitment in this clan.
* Re-entrance fee is 550 gold.
=============================================================================================== ====
Services -

* Good repair offered at reasonable price
* Intra clan battles and hunt assistance
* Distribution of awards after winning conquests during festive ocassions
* Good enchantment services
* Artifacts' rent network .
* Advice from exceptionally high level players
=============================================================================================== =====
Clan Smiths and Enchanter
===== MAX repair by binghuo and hablaty ============================================================
Binghuo: Repair efficiency: 90% (Best)
Clanmate pays 110% of repairing cost.
How to do?
1. find the repair fee here
2. transfer it to binghuo, note "repair fee for ?"
3. transfer your art with recall in: 0.01 days, 0 combats and "Allow repair", 1 gold only.
4. Want your arts repaired faster? 10% more for express, and pm me with title "Express" .
=============================================================================================== =====
===== 4*20% Armor Enchanting by binghuo ============================================================
Free, but any tips are appreciated :p
The elements needed:
Fire magic shield (20%): 30 Fire Crystal
Earth magic shield (20%): 30 Meteorite Shard
Air magic shield (20%): 30 Windflower
Water magic shield (20%): 30 Ice Crystal
Decrease attack of charging stack (10%): 30 Moonstone + 30 Abrasive
=============================================================================================== =====
(Clan market)
===== binghuo's market =============================================================================
binghuo is buying all elements, resources, and thief art(s).
binghuo is also selling elements, thief arts, enchanted arts, and Estates in Great Capital
PM binghuo to discuss price
=============================================================================================== =====
Clan posts
If a person wants any post(recruiter)the player has to get 100 points that iss donation of 3000 gold and then the leader will take a test ie he will make the player a temperory recruiter and if a person is able to do the job the leader asks then the player will be a permanent recruiter.
Joining fee is just 1k if anyone wants to join then plz contact me or the recruiters
Welcome to our newest members :- gaming_prince and abhilikesmanu

Our clan page has been released:- http://mystical-clan-page.forumsmotion.com/
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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