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#625 Magen David

Author#625 Magen David
#625 Magen David
This clan was created for Israel's people. Free join. The clan assists in money problems and other difficulties.
Welcome to #625 Magen David
The clan assists in money problems and other difficulties.
#625 Magen David
This clan was created for Israel's people.
A hearty WELCOME to Magen David
Leader: ribua

Councilor Arabat Flamesoul the Fourth has become the key figure in the Court events in the latest days.
For starters, he stood behind organizing the ritual of exorcism to free Her Majesty the Empress from the demon that she was possessed by. The ritual was held in early morning when the demonic powers are weakest (this knowledge, like many other things, were courtesy of Councilor Arabat).
The picture was rather unpleasant to see. Councilor Bilir, being a weak stomach, fled the bedchamber, not able to bare the horrible spectacle of the cleansing. Other councilors stood pale, scared to death for the Empress’ well-being.
The demon was banished and slain immediately by Arabat’s devils. Her Majesty fell unconscious, unable to stand any more tribulations. As if the poisonous curse that tied Her to the bed for months wasn’t enough...

On the morrow, councilor Bilir was giving orders for thorough care for Her Majesty, while other councilmen convened for an urgent meeting concerning the Demon invasion. Councilor Arabat appeared again with his Devil bodyguards.
“For many years I have not known fear, and I do not feel it now. But the Infernals know I am here. I have no doubt they are planning to attempt a vendetta on me and my followers.” – He replied shortly and shrugged, leaving the councilors to shiver in presence of the Demon elites.
“The Festival of demons played an ambiguous role for the Empire. I admit that it might have torn the essence between the surface world and the Pandemonium, but it also provided players with knowledge necessary for eliminating those Infernal aggressors. We have shared knowledge about our kin so that Lords may not only fight them off on the Empire territory, but with luck even strike back. At this moment I can predict several possible future scenarios, but I will be able to make a lot more precise speculations after I have gotten the reconnaissance information.
By this moment the Lords have already secured the two portals through which the Infernals are arriving. My most recommended action is now to step into the portals and explore the lands on the other side. We will meet resistance, so the Lords must once again unite to present a common front to our enemy.”

The Herald appeared on the Central Square shortly after and spoke:

“Lordship! Rejoice, Her Majesty the Empress has been freed from the evil demon She was possessed by! She wishes to present Herself to you and to speak in public, which, according to Academy medics, will be possible in the nearest days.
Meanwhile, those of you who were dispatched to Blooming Glade and Seraph’s Tears have secured the Demon Portals and defeated most part of the guard there.
This is the beginning of a new military campaign. The demons are arriving from the hell known as Pandemonium; they will not stop if we do not stop them. The Lords are now to unite and to enter those portals to strike at the enemy on the other side.
Vanguards will start being formed soon in the two portal locations. Proceed there and expect further commands from the local warlords.
Our current goal is to perform a quick strike and scout as many information as possible about the Pandemonium. Should we fulfill the goal, the Council will be able to decide on the actions that would lead to defeating the Infernals, the demon elite inhabiting the Pandemonium.
Do not underestimate the demons: every victory will be cherished. Equip proper armament and make sure you balance the vanguards. Combining the Lords of different roles on the battlefield is the key to success.
Now go, and remember, you feats will not remain unnoted.
For the safety of our motherland, for the Empire!”
Empire 1 2010-12-23 08:17:35

At the time when the Military Clan leaders were coordinating their people's attack on the other side of the Demon Portals, the councilors, being now free of their Warlord duties, convened in the Court Hall for the meeting in turn to discuss the warfare events. For the most part, it was Councilor Arabat explaining the tactical methods and feints of the Infernals.

"Today I have personally traveled to the so called Portals and stepped to the other side. I recognized the location, as I remember the Pandemonium very well.
The two Portals are breaches in the thin essence that separates these two worlds. I wouldn't even call them portals, but everyone is already naming them that way.
Those breaches are in identical places of the Empire and the Pandemonium. The Seraph's Tears breach leads into the North-Eastern corner of it, while the Blooming Glade one leads to a place very close to the geographical center. This explains the difference in numbers of demons between the two breach portals."

"What about the tactics. How good are we now in defending those breaches from the other side and reducing their numbers?"

"They act swiftly all the time. But the important thing to understand here is that when there is no leader and they are left to themselves, they act thoughtlessly as well. Their primitive minds make it unable to establish any kind of organization. So far I have not seen any coordination in their behaviour which is a very good sign."
"Can we use it in our own favour, Councilor?" Kalirosh asked pensively.
"We already are, aren't we?" - the Demon smiled with a horrifying grin. "The numbers reported by our scouts are decreasing."

Panting scouts achieved the Court Hall just at the time when the court was residing.
"Councilor Arabat, sir, I have news..." - one of the scouts exclaimed. The Demon Councilor erupted an entire volcano of smoke as he yelled:
"WHO ARE YOU TO ADDRESS ME THIS WAY, dark elf? Has your military career not taught you to address those above you properly?!"
"Sir Councilor Arabat Flamesoul the Fourth, your Highness, allow me to report that THE AMOUNT OF DEMONS ON THE WAR FRONT IS INCREASING!!" - the scout yelled back at the top of his lungs in a mixture of impatience and desperation.

Councilor Arabat sat. This news, directly contradicting to his latest statement, left him a little taken by surprise. "Were there any... large Demons spotted along?"
"By large you mean... Large like yourself, Your Highness Sir Councilor?"
"Yes. I was an Infernal leader myself... once."
"There were no such scouting reports."
"You may be dismissed". The Demon turned back to the table: "They are throwing reinforcements from distant corners of the Pandemonium. Still, it looks like the Leaders are not taking part in fights around their portals."

"Right. What do you recommend in view of that, councilor?" - the military Councilor asked.
"The fact that more reinforcements are thrown in combat may mean two things: They are either gated by the Leaders, or more portals are being opened next to the existing breaches. The actual portals that is, that can be created manually, us demon leaders simply called them Gates back then. We must start moving forward to explore the Pandemonium. So far we have been battling the Demons appearing near those two breach portals only, but if we move deeper into their lands, we may spot and destroy these gates."
"What if those leaders show up?" - Feurlis inquired.
"We would then have to withdraw and regroup. But I hope that by that time the Academy finds a way to close those breaches."

Everyone present in the Court hall looked at councilor Bilir.
"I ugh.. well, ehm... This is no easy task. It is like trying to make a zombie fly. You can attach wings to it,
Christmas event

The military forces of the Empire were involved in a weary campaign with the Infernal Demons, a new foe with the sole grim purpose of waging war and sowing destruction everywhere behind their footsteps.
Reports of variable success, victories and defeats at the entrance into the Pandemonium were arriving, and rumours were spreading among the common races, as it usually happens during the wartime.

Nonetheless, there was nothing that could prevent Lords and Ladies from celebrating the day of the Magic, the prime of all life, all Nature and all the good.
Magical torrents, saturating the troops with vital energies and manapools with mana, have grown strong all over the Empire and have revived the Sphynx again. The queue to visit Her wasn’t as long as in previous years, as the Lordship had to take shifts in guarding the Demon Gates, but no one seemed to feel down – everyone was certain they would get their trial at this year’s Sphynx’s cryptic riddles. Everything learnt in course years, and this year especially, would prove useful, because no one knew what the Sphynx’s riddles would be. And no one has ever yet felt discontent about the Christmas Avatar's reward.

Another source of joy for the novelty was supposed to be the Chirstmas Vault, polished and renewed thoroughly in the recent days. Her Majesty the Empress Herself enjoined to fill them and to hand the keys to the Lords personally. No one knows how exactly, through a leak inside the Empire or simply sensing the magical flow of the trinkets, but the Infernals were aware of the caravan of trinkets and assaulted it, ransacking most of the contents and leaving the remains to the neutral creatures to get hold of.

Dear Lords,
During this year’s Christmas time, the following features will be yours to claim until December 26th included:

- Troops recover 50% faster;
- Mana recovers 50% faster;
- The Sphynx offers you a challenge of answering Her cryptic riddles about the world of LordsWM. The more questions you reply correctly, the better rewards you may choose from;
- Cristmas Deposit vault is filled with presents again. Four types of trinkets are scattered throughout the Empire and the Pandemonium, there is a chance to find them in every combat. Each Vault compartment requires 4 trinkets to open it, the central compartment may only be opened after all the other have been looted.
- To fill you with festive mood and present unique tactical possibilities, the Christmas tree will again be present on every battlefield.

Merry Christmas!
Into the Pandemonium

The demon Councilor had ventured into the Pandemonium again, to lead a better reconnaissance and to make some most rough maps for the lords to follow on. That time though, it had not gone without trouble. The vengeance-seeking Infernals were expecting him, launching a powerful assault on the renegade Pandemonium leader. Many of his bodyguard Devils had fallen in that battle, but having an advantage, he still had managed to fight back and return to the Empire safely. It was later decided that Arabat should not step into the Pandemonium again; he was obviously being tracked and it would be rather sad to lose such a valuable advisor, especially at the times of war with the Infernals, where the experience he could provide was unique.

The defense of the camps near the breaches on the other side has already lasted for almost a week, but the never-ending demonic reinforcements simply kept arriving, and the next stage suggested by councilor Arabat has been finally brought into motion. Carefully moving forward step by step and fighting the infernal abominations fiercely, the Lords explored the new hostile territory, following the rough maps drawn by councilor Arabat after his adventurous march. It wasn't long until they discovered the "Gates" the demon councilor had spoken about.

Those constructions were mobile portals, giving way to more reinforcements from distant corners of the Pandemonium. As long as they were functioning, the Empire would have to fight them constantly until defeating the entire population of the Pandemonium, which in itself was impossible since, according to councilor Arabat, the Pandemonium was so infested with demons that its population counted dozens of times more creatures. Luckily, they were quite fragile, breakable by even mediocre army stacks.
New orders arrived without much delay:

Heed, Lordship!
You have succeeded in moving forward and locating the devices that demons use to summon reinforcements. They are manually created portals – “Gates” that need to be destroyed by all means. In combats, plan the moves of your creatures so that they are destroyed as soon as possible, otherwise you might easily find yourselves overrun by the demonic reinforcements.
Remain strong and cooperate! If you fight in well-balanced vanguards, those demon groups will be squashed!
#625 Magen David
This clan was created for Israel's people. Free join. The clan assists in money problems and other difficulties.
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