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save the dolphins

Authorsave the dolphins
i know these is aganst the rules put its for a good cause if you have a facebook account give your petition to save the dolphins: http://www.savejapandolphins.com/
I actually always wondered how this causes work. Lets say million people like dolphins at facebook. Then what?
currently we need 2 milion signs put there is about 1,7 milion.Save em!
in japan dolphins get slaughterd evry year.when two milinon people sign it a law will be enforced in japan.dolphin meat is acctualy bad for humans so if noone can hunt the dolphins it might even save a few humans.
Lets say million people like dolphins at facebook. Then what?
Not sure what the exact mechanism is, but if you get a million people to visit your page , you can be pretty sure of some cool advertisement revenue, then you can give the money to dolphins ...or keep it [to spend it on dolphins, obviously ;) ]
and you get attention too and everything you say will be listened so that others might fear from you...the ones that live form kiling dolphins for exemple
Why are they slaughtered? Is Dolphin fin soup invented?0.o
one thing and its not food.its money
save the dolphins! Do not let endangered animals become extinct!
Slaughtering dolphin can get money? How?0.o
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