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Naruto !


AuthorNaruto !
4th the best
4th the best

:) of course he is
Naruto, Kakashi & Minato
But now it doesn't come on my telivision
I watch online and read it online

Reading at http://www.mangareader.net/93/naruto.html
Watching at http://www.nwanime.com/3/naruto-shippuden
huh...why do u think uchihas are the strongest huh ? it has the sharingan ! theres no way any uchih can be weak !
how about making a ninja clan all of us,we can keep a name,and specialty,like puppet jutsu,taijutsu ,ninjutsu or simply akatsuki (being as a group)
Ive seen naruto and shippuden, and i love it but... you always know whats gonna happen next!

Naruto-starts losing, then always wins(kyubi or rasengan)He always use kabe bunshin at first.... it never works until the end .

Sasuke-no matter the joke, he wont laugh . He always wins without serious injuries(discarding against deidara and itachi-kun, maybe danzou)

Sakura-In naruto she only cries, in naruto shippuden she cries and hits hard. She cant beat any serious enemy without some help xd.

Jiraya-He is always ^investigating for information^. He loses against pain(nagato) and naruto(jutsu sexy xd)He remembers when he wrote his first book and when he talkes nagato and naruto about peace.

Lee-He starts the battle well, but he then needs more power to defeat the enemy. Then he remembers Gay sensei and his exhausting training(he always cries while training) This gives him more power lolz.

Kakashi-He rarely gets injuries. He loses against pain and jutsu sexy.
He says that naruto is a little bit nobish but finally admits that naruto is stronger than him. He is always reading and he WILL close his book whenthe combat gets harder.

Tsunade-Looks quite serious when hokkage, but she always ends up in a bar with jiraia.
shi will always lose her bets.

Orochimaru-No matter the cuts he recieve...he never gets killed

He starts acting like a noob, but he ends up being madara uchiha!!
We all know that if he was so noobish he wouldnt be in akatski

Deidara-We all know what he will say at the end of his speech, YES!

Shikamaru-mmmm i wont say nothing about him, its kinda boaring ;)

Choji- Never, ever call him FFAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.
mine is orichomaru (not the best choice)


kakashi and itach-the best brother
I think kakashi is the best !
madara the best he is strongest uchixa
right madara has the eternal mangekyo sharingan but he is too old,normal sharingans dont poses the kill to copy jutsu but kakashi's mangekyo is the strongest sasuke's is the strongest in the end itachi doesn't have eyes :(
I think we will all agree that kyuubi is the strongest :D. Thats why he's my favourite. He can be really persuasive with Naruto :)
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