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[Military clans] #110 -†Guardians of Russia†


Author[Military clans] #110 -†Guardians of Russia†
We are glad to greet you on our info page, Hero!.
†Guardians of Russia† is a clan for people, whos native language is russian.

If you want to join our clan you need:
Good Russian language. (can write and speak). -
At least 6th Combat level.
Pay 15000 as entry fee to our treasurer or clan leader.

Cool clan=)
You can talk on english
Ore on rusian.
or just keep silence )))
[Post deleted by moderator Jedi-Knight // As per poser's request. Posted in wrong thread.]
We are the champions! =)
Privet vsem
npuBeT BCeM)))
Xo4y BcTynuTb B KJIaH..........
Ho R 4lvl...nocMoTpuTe MeHR R DyMayou 4To urpayou xopowo.......
Sadam npuu'mu meH9| B KJIaH 3a 10K.......9| To}|{ i3 Ykpa*I*HU=)nJI3=)
9| noToM oTDaM 5K.....
Vsem privet)) Xo4y k vam v klan!!
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // Local rule 6.1]
hi Russia)))
That wasn't bump !!! 60rus, if u want to join, send 15k to Saddam and write him pm ( kinj Saddamu 15k, a potom napishi pm )
the best clan)))
ne znaite< kogda gnomov planirujut vvesti?
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