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One zillion "Arrgh!!!"

AuthorOne zillion "Arrgh!!!"
Quest after quest, I have accepted every single MQ quest that I can get my hands on with mini AP. Also, quest after quest, I got screwed by level 9 or higher MQ . My MQ these days, most of the time, will end with a "Damn" when victory is just so close. Having always blamed my incapability for my MQ failure, there comes a point where I get really pissed off for saying so many "Damn"s that I feel like grabbing some strangers I can find and strangle him. Then, I will shout, "Arrgh!! Why does a freaking level 9 MQ have so many freaking mobs?"
After making it through several waves and losing count of how many I have underwent, a particular strong wave of hundreds over mobs came. After some struggles, I have finally beaten that wave, thinking that that would be the last wave for my MQ.

My swordsmen rejoiced for a moment, my monks thought that they can go back to their Monastery to have their vegetarian meals. Everyone in my troops was in a "What a relief!!" mood.

Then, came a thunderous Devils' roar and the sound of the stomping of hundreds over monsters in the vicnity. The Devils had teleported in front of one of my swordsmen. Despair and fear grabbed that puny human. There is only one word that came into everyone's mind when they saw that scene. --- Goner

One powerful swing of its axe, the Devils sent that puny swordsmen flying into the sky. If that wasn't enough, a background of crimson flame accompanied it. Giving that ugly demon face which seem to be saying, "I suffering from Satyriasis.", the Devils turned to the little swordsmen and monks nearby and started raping every single soldiers of mine even though they were straight. The troop of over a hundred orc arrived at the scene to make things even rougher.

~From ZioBlade's recount of the rapefest~

Having seen and escaped from similar scenes like this over and over again, I couldn't stand it. Nothing could be used to describe my pain and suffering. Nothing but a one zillion "Arrgh!!!"
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