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#484 Destroyers of Chaos

Author#484 Destroyers of Chaos

We are recruiting. We have smith and enchanter's services.
Future coming: When clan reaches 30 members we start a clan game (already prepared), card game tournaments and "top member" picking!
When clan game will be first time played, all members will join for free(that is when we reach 30 members). Members who will participate in clan game often, will get discount by smithing or enchanting and may win prizes which will be given to the most loyal members.
New year bonus.
The fee for entering the clan is ONLY 300 GOLD!!!
This stays till 11th January!
Send money to me.
7 Days till the end of special offer!
Not much time anymore.
Special offer OVER!
We have tournaments and clan games!
Card game tournament starts this Thursday!
Top member clan game race is up xD
The Chaos must go on!!!
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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