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28th survival tournament result


Author28th survival tournament result
happy new year, drunken style, 1. try, lost all my phantoms tounament! ... and im 3rd^^
gratz to all winners!
wizards level 5-gold
wizards level 6-silver.
that's pretty good isn't it? :P
Somebody know when start a next surviving tournament?
Usually a week after the end of prev. tournament - so on Feb-9... :)
Well that was annoying :P 2nd by 33 points for knight level 3
cool i came 3rd in lv-4 wizards~
does anyone know how many more survival tournaments are left in this season.
or is the season already over??
DE 1st, 2nd and 6th on 3rd, 4th and 5th lvls
for Mephalich:
on Feb-9
maybe Jan-9?
i was 3 rd

now i'm 4th?

how can this be?
@ atheros there was somebody stil playing at 12:15.
yes it seems
guess i'm unlucky o_o
maybe Jan-9?
Definetly you're right. :)
I did terribly D: That Renegade Sorcerers wave at level 13 was ridiculous.
3rd level 5 necromancer!!!
no.6 for DE LV4, nt bad is it?
gratz to all the winners
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