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[Service][Different types of Avatars][500-2000 gold coins]

Author[Service][Different types of Avatars][500-2000 gold coins]
So heres my AMS ( Avatar Making Service )

Normal Moving Avatar without name - 500
Normal Avatar without moving with name - 500-1000
Advanced Avatar with name - 1000-1500
Advanced moving avatar with name - 2000

Lightning effects,darkness effects,blurness effects and shaking effects

--> if u want any one of effects in ur avatar add 500 gold more
if two effects at once 1.5k gold

So place ur orders now ))

Note - Price of avatars differ on quality, more costly avatar more beautiful it is

Also new features added -

Avatars suitable with factions also available
eg. - avatar related to knight,demon,barbs etc

For this add 1k gold extra

-> unknown_demon <-

Have Fun )
orders taken with PM
Avatar Service CLOSED
closed by unknown_demon (2011-01-02 16:13:02)
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