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FC Zenit St.-Petersburg

AuthorFC Zenit St.-Petersburg
Whether there are fans of Petersburg club?
i'm from Spb but in our RFPL i prefer to watch Spartak games)
I hate meat and horses.
for Phaddeus:
Look at my avatar and you will understand all))
Well as so? Unless there is no not who who is ill, or at least knows this club?
FC "Zenit" a unique command of the higher battalion of the country, representing St.-Petersburg. By estimations of independent analysts, for sine-white-blue in a city 60 percent of inhabitants are ill, and about 80 percent of Petersburgers consider a command as a symbol of Northern capital of Russia. The research spent in the end of 2008 has shown that "Zenit" is included into ten the most popular clubs of Europe, being thus the most popular command of the post-Soviet territory.
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