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third level upgrade of devils

Authorthird level upgrade of devils

and see second level


why is the first one named as antichrists?
for thisthatman:

u see we have angels so maybe antichrists ? :D
so for thrid upgrade of angels do we have antidemon
Compare -

Angels - Archangels - ???

Devils - Archdevils - AntiChrists

As you can see, in general the unit names are, essentially, the direct opposite of their counterparts. So an obvious progression would seem to imply a particular likely name for the Knight alternate upgrade.

However, this would probably be a highly divisive choice of names for such units. But I have confidence that the admins have already thought of this and found another name that might be a good fit without setting off the religious "enthusiasts" that can be found on any internet forum.

My personal guess for a name? Seraph or Seraphim. They are implied to be a "higher order" of Angels (then again, so are Archangels).

Have Fun

Seraph is the HoMM name of the Angel alt-upgrade. The admins might change it though.
Apparently they have been given name poorly. Anything is better than Antichrist, which is a part of christian religion (Antichrist is an adversary of Christ). And as far as I know fantasy setting of this game has nothing to do with it.

Perhaps a name change would be a solution.
Devil lord
Evil lord
Satan (still relates to christianity but far better than Antichrist)
How about Archfiend for that AntiChrists?

Seraphim.... for the name of third angel upgrade.. sounds ok.
good? Oo
but when can we use the upgrades of level 1 3rd upgrade that is at which level?
That is not 3rd upgrade >_< , but an Alt-Upgrade
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