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English Songs


AuthorEnglish Songs
bon jovi - bed of roses
Jason-Algebra :p
i <3 d lady that makes me go gaga

edge of glory - lady gaga( 1 day ago)

its better than Judas.
heartbreaker- enrique
Science and Faith ( by The Script )
My song^^

Till the world ends
by Britney Spears

Awesome songs

Also, Tonight ( I'm loving you ) by Enrique Iglesias
The Notorious B.I.G. - "Mo Money Mo Problems"
pride(in the name of love)-u2
sunday bloody sunday-u2
leave out all the rest-linkin park
love takes two-westlife
i gotta feeling-black eyed peas
i gotta feeling-black eyed peas

Seen Billy Talent in show the day after Black Eyed Peas played and Billy Talent singer started the show with those lyrics

"I got a feeling, that tonight's gonna be a BETTER night" :D (Ive laughed my ass off, and he was so righ)
Bon jovi-its my life
daydreamer by somedaydream
well, the singer of this is my cousin
and yeah
flipsyde-happy birthday

they make such a great music but alas not that famous anymore thx to all popstars creating controversies,covering the media and then serve shitty music
new divide by linkin park n metallica songs!!
for harddude:
i like new divide aswell :)
Emptiness(tune nahi jana)- Rohan rathore gr8 bt sad song :'( english+hindi mix :)) srry if u wont understand hindi part :|
for harddude:
yeah that song is really good alas,he commited suicide after creating it.
@ blazingarpit: actually its singer is nt decided yet. Gajendra varma claims it to be his song and i think d story of rohan rathore is fake as IIT gulhawti claims dat no such student with his name existed in d history of IIT gulhawti :\ so I think gajendra varma is d singer n acc. to d story he died becoz of terminal cancer nt of accident, He died after 15 days after d recording.......
linkin park
Chris Brown Yeah3X
Linkin park - new divine
50 cent- Candy shop ( :DDD )
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