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New Years Story

AuthorNew Years Story
Hi Everyone,
I made this post for everyone to share what they did and if you saw or did anything interesting this New years.
okay I'll start off with the first one.

okay here goes.
Hi everybody, this new years I went to the beach to see the fireworks light off.
but I also saw something else light off which I'll tell you later. the sky at the beach was filled with those nice floating lantern things. there were lots of people letting those lanterns off into the night sky. there was plenty of people crowding the beach. and then came the countdown. and when the fireworks let off

we had a close up view. after the first several fireworks. they started to get very close. a bit too close. then someone from the crowd shouted out "look, they're too close" and just then the as the next fire work let off BOOM! all the colorful burning fragments from the firework fell down from the sky into the crowd. you know how after the fire work explodes and shows all it's colors the burning pieces fall back down. it might sound like so what. but each fragment is the like the size of your fist. so imagine one of those hitting you or if it hits your hair that could be dangerous.

well anyways some people started running while others weren't sure if they should run or not. but eventually it sent the whole crowd running. one landed next to my foot and it was still sizzling around in the sand. that was quite scary.

after the fireworks were over, everyone caught their breath. so people were still lighting those floating lanterns and having fun. a few minutes later
we heard an explosion. everyone turned to see where it was coming from.
over there where a bunch of people were lighting there floating lanterns.
BOOM! the people that were there lighting their lanterns were now screaming and running. what was it we tried to see. it all we saw happened so quick it took me a while to register. first something burst into flames at first I couldn't make out what it was.then someone shouted out "OH MY GOD his face is on fire!!" yes in fact his whole body was on fire as he dashed running to the ocean. and dove in there.
that was quite a shockers for me. later as after he got out of the ocean. I saw some people taking him into the back of a truck and. it stunk like burnt blood or burning flesh. it smelled so bad that even after the car left it still stunk. the last thing I saw was a small family with small kids crying. I don't know if it was from shock or because it was someone they knew.

well that's my newyears story. and it's a true story.
if anyone else has a true story please feel free to post.
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