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29th Survival Tournament Lev 8


Author29th Survival Tournament Lev 8
woohoo hoo i had a good round :) 36300 score :) sealed up at least second i believe
that was my 3rd try too ^^
4th try i beat my score again ^^ 37112 damn im good XD probably win this tourny for knight faction
Participants level: 8
Challenge type: Survival
Equipment limitations: Standard (8 minimum AP, shop artifacts only)
Amount of attempts: 7 (1)
Highest score: 33350
extras: HG points for hitting top 10%
Barb Reached wave 16
left grandmaster bowmen 42 up raiding harpies 63 right nightmares 12 down. 80 golemn from the 3 rd up. Result above 55k. Could have been better if i knew how the wave 16 looks. Gluck
your score?
Touranament over,thread closed
closed by knights123 (2011-01-16 18:22:31)
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