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thief guild invite


Authorthief guild invite
How did you dig up this Ancient thread?
google FTW :))
guys, with 80 euro u can buy Starcraft2 and Diablo3, since we r all gamers here I think we all know that's better than just TGI XD
that what i tried to say :)) make something worth paiment not just for TGI well if TG quests give 545149874 xp i will buy it long time :)) but it's sux as fck useless to pay 80 euro for it lol
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+ agreed with splitting cost
@43 It's all about disposable income and choices. Who here honestly thinks they'll be playing Starcraft II 1 year after they purchased it? You are still playing LoWM a year after you discovered it.
make possible for already tgi members to buy tgi's with 80euros and sell to peoples who aint intrested to use rl money

Best idea I've seen in this entire thread :)
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