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My little farewell

AuthorMy little farewell
Time has arrived for me to say goodbye to this game as well :) Being too addicted to the game starts to disturb my real life. Although for most of the time I only played alone quietly, doing solo hunts, solo mercs, thieving's and solo ST's of course, there are still many amazing friends (and competitors :P) to remember:

Binghuo and all dragon clan members: we build up those clans from ground zero and witness them growing as they are now in 2 and a half year - how time flies! And this thousands of hours being thrown into the game made me feel proud but so guilty.

nod, Vitzyas and all friends from #283 Lords who had ever played GB's with me. I am not the pvp type of player but that short period of time was really fun and memorable.

Iseivija, Quephalash and all other great elf and DE competitors in the STs. Without you guys I will never be so serious and exhausted every two weeks like solving research problems. I do love ST's and it might be a relief for lv13 DE players after my departure :P. Now go for the trophy!

Dear Herald Arctic and all admins and mods (although seems no one knows me :D). You guys give everything to this tiny kingdom and make it a warm home. Now it's my turn to follow the great herald to deal with real life events.

One day I may come back (and obviously few will care about this :P). Wish I could see all those familiar names again and say long time no see at that time.

Good day and goodbye :)

i hope you didnt participate this week de survival:p?
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