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30th Survival Tournament - Level 12


Author30th Survival Tournament - Level 12
Post waves and scores here.

Good Luck!
L - U - R - D

1) 8 ogre magi, 4 unicorns, 2 sphynx warriors, 7 anchorites
2) 10 anglerfish, 8 clerics, 42 modern golems, 2 devils
3) 10 druids, 17 GMB, 10 druids, 17 GMB
4) 117 grotesques, 18 senior genies, 117 grotesques, 18 senior genies
5) 35 griffins, 101 sharpshooters, 35 griffins, 101 sharpshooters
6) 60 renegade magicians, 29 anchorites, 21 hydras, 3 archangels
7) 4x 61 GMB
8) 4x 36 sirens
9) 87 rogues, 11 crazed trolls, 26 monks, 223 bandits

Min AP - 61k points as barbarian.
10) 89 incendiaries, 12 Unicorns, 89 incendiaries, 12 Unicorns
11) 7 Giants, 438 hobgoblin, 118 Modern Golems, 20 treefolks
12) 53 orc chiefs, 10 ironroot treefolk, 4 leviathans, 3 archangels
13) 4x 25 royal griffins
14) 4x 229 wolf riders
15) 375 grotesques, 155 stoneeaters, 538 demons, 60 rocs
woot im not telling my score.... but this tourney is GOOD FOR NECRO
for mega0impact:
and waves past 15?
sorry i forgot..if you want to know why dont you pmail me?
for those who forgot:

16) 150 apparitions - 15 paladins - 118 rogues - 496 fairies
17) 91 seducing sirens - 34 hell horses - 91 seducing sirens - 34 hell horses
18) 51 lizard cavalry - 61 ogres - 47 ogre magi - 167 sharpshooters

and no one needs to pmail me...
thanks Motrun, at least you play fair !
reached wave 14 first try, didnt knew the waves so i guess that second atempt will get me to wave 16
no one is obliged to give answers to others of the same faction. if people do, it's extra kindness of their part, not playing cheat. i HAVE given the answers to people who pmailed me from other factions because people who really want to win and take the INITIATIVE to get answers will find them. people who expect undeservedkindess without even trying for it will never grow up.
ill be happy to help people if they show me they are appreciative.... too many people take things for granted..... hey at least some people who arent happy with me might not realise their about a mill richer than me....
neither am i saying i will win. i only tried once properly and the rest i anyhow did with no full arts. i know if people try hard enough they can beat me.
modest + kindness your magesty mega0impact, sounds like you already won, this one, the next one and all the others :P

LoL, you know if I wasnt disliking your attitude mega, Id say you are funny ! :P
thats nice! i like to come across as funny :p :p :p :)))))))) ;) im not the best necro , but one of the best ever!!!! woohoooooo arent i funnny? :p all the best for all the other tourney triers!!!! gogogogogogogoo
Amount of attempts: 7 (2)
Highest score: 131796
Amount of attempts: 7 (4)
Highest score: [Barbarian] 151519
This will be easy for anoter elf to win. I played two attempts-first big mistake-fast end, because go to next try. Second game-bigger mistake and when I wanted to save this-another huge mistake-two fantoms dead in early stage... But I dont want play more...
19. 512 Recruits-104 orc-5Behemoths-278 Forest keepers
20. 78 anglerfish- 130royal griffins-448 Plains wolves- 441Poisoners

Participants level: 12
Challenge type: Survival
Equipment limitations: Standard (10 minimum AP, shop artifacts only)
Amount of attempts: 7 (3)
Highest score: [Necromancer] 221298; [Barbarian] 234234
extras: HG points for hitting top 10%
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