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the clan - ultimate rangers
the leader is not being able to put me as tresurer
plz tell y
Only the leader can assign you this job. For that he need to go the management of the clan then clan members, choose your name and check box the treasorer, apply and that is all.
It's only possible once per month. He has to wait one month since he has changed the treasurer post.
since he has changed the treasurer post.

Has to be: after he has changed the treasurer post.
ok guys cheers for the help oh and if your wondering i the leader of the clan i did not know that rule so thanks again
for Baweja:
u can close this now
It's a hidden rule. I wouldn't know it if I hadn't asked Arctic after the same experience as you had. ;)
thank u all
closed by Lord Baweja (2011-04-14 15:11:59)
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