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question regarding popularity of .ru vs .com

Authorquestion regarding popularity of .ru vs .com
i notice lots of russians in this server and it makes me curious as to why people choose this .com over .ru or why they have characters in both. can anyone answer this? and if people are willing to play in .com even if they are russian..why don't more do it?!?!? the difference in users online is so depressing lol

anyways, this is just a curiosity i've had and figured it couldn't hurt to ask :)
very good question, I have been wondering about this for a long time

I know some of the high lvl players also have a higher lvl account in .ru
This way, there is no limitations reguarding both characters, as both are considered as main. You can also take part in events of both servers.
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nothing but fun,they come online and play when we got events.
suppose admin decided to start genome war here(.com), thous Russian players will online here and enjoying it, coz they know they won't get it there second time :) like other events(undead,demon event etc).
Perhaps they can't get enough of this game ;)
Many Russian players come here so that they can play as usual in this server whereas they can just enroll and hunt on the russian one. Thus, they'll be having lots of gold and other guild points for future of their chracter while here, they come to enjoy playing.
They maybe don't like massive servers:D or admins are to strict there..
i see more indians than russians in this game!!
indian here too... :P
i see more indians than russians in this game!!
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