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#660 The Imperial Army of Light and Darkness

Author#660 The Imperial Army of Light and Darkness
>> Requirements to join clan <<

1)Should follow the Rules of Lordswm

2)Should be of level-5 and above

3)Should not be a Hacker or Cheater

4)Should be active as much as possible

5)Should try at most to avoid being afk in combat


Advantages of Joining Clan

1)No tax will be collected

2)Participate in lot of competitions

3)Interact with other clan members and have fun

4)You can interact with other clan members in clan chat room

5)Get rewards and special titles given by the clan to you

6)Get points for donating & recruiting new players into clan

7)Clan loans are open (below 15k)(not for roulette addicts)

8)Get animated and static avatars from clan avatar makers

9) get repairing, Enchanting and Art Renting Services.

10) Can Have Fun...


Imperial Army of Light and Darkness.
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