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goodbye undead-man;(

Authorgoodbye undead-man;(
A very good player has left us! he was the very best player in this or any other game! he was at such a high lvl that he made all others feel low.. now he's blocked!

Rest in peace man
ohm, are u sure he burned at stake, watch out for after-life, he may be rise again
I guess he is level 3
yeah you will be missed!
coolahed u cant do this as good as nappa does it, he is 10x better at this.
I highly doubt that susliks123))))))

RIP always poor and undeadman
still not as good as nappa... if u want to be like nappa u must say something ery stupid and smart in the same time
still not as good as nappa
bye undeadman
closed by coolahed (2011-04-29 07:32:10)
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