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36th Survival Tournament Score lvl 10

Author36th Survival Tournament Score lvl 10
Post waves & your scores here

good luck!
1)12 shrews/1 skel dragon/17 evil eyes/-.
2)4 lore keepers/38 zombies/1 paladin/12 lodestone golems.
3)4 death envoys all sides.
4)23 giant liz/23 giant liz/2 raging cyclops/2 raging cyclops.
5)27 vampric liz/1 green dragon/1 lorekeepers/23 merc. sorcerers.
6)8 anchorites/56 garg./97 recruits/1 skel dragon.
7)9 genie/31 forest brethren/31 wolf hounds/9 fire elements.
8)12 water elementals all sides.
9)8 water elementals/112 recruits/22 modern golems/135 goblins.
10)22 rouges all sides.
11)98 gremlin wrekers all sides.
12)5 cavalry/5 cavalry/4 death heralds/4 death heralds.
13)34 lore keepers/34 lore keepers/102 giant lizards/102 giant lizards.
for niranjan2009:
5) 10lorekeepers!
14)75 forest keeprs-38 sirens-75-38
15. 87 plains wolves all sides
16. 95 stoneeaters all sides)
i coud not kill all stoneeaters.... 70+k
by DE
too many plain wolves(
56 k for elf... plains wolves .. so anoying :P
71819 bad result.. 7(7)
71819 bad result.. 7(7)
really very bad.

bad result?


bad! i knew i could win stoneeaters!!
Bye i go on 11 lvl)) i win in roulette 360k))))
Amount of attempts: 7 (1)
Highest score: 52791

must try more
37584 elf =D
32k as wizard. Cannot afford full arts.
Not even sure wizard can get past wave 13 even in full arts.
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