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36th st result


Author36th st result
1st level 8 wizards :) won by 5000 score :)))
i thought i was going to come more like last :P
3rd in knights i'm the best !!!!!! a reason y your not the best player becz u onyl got 3rd not 1st

1th at 10 lvl barbs 1th at 11 lvl barbs)) lmfao u got 1st not 1th
how long does it take till the awards are given? just asking
it may be one day before next ST starts, perhaps earlier... last times it took a long time until awards
YEARS!!!!! :)
damn, i wanna know if i won some
u didnt
3 attempts... Level 9: 1st DE, 1st Barb, 2nd Elf.
woho 1st 4lvl darkelfs!!!!
1st as elf[9] ;)
... elf lost to diamond upgrader, if no upgrade maybe I win triple gold...
2nd with only 1 try:)
its been a year i left lordswm... but i still got "it"

1st elf lvl 10 ^^
103 point differences with 2nd =D
3 rd level 10 knight
i forgot to play the tourney
posted waves and then forgot o shit..
nice one NicePain!!
I feel so bad...
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