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Tavern Lottery


AuthorTavern Lottery
Players in the game try to make this game more fun by conducting various contests and draws by promoting a field of game they like.
There's one such attempt by me to be of service to this community by conducting the tavernized version of a lottery.

GRAND PRIZE:10k (contributions are always welcome)

CONCEPT:To obtain a ticket you have to beat the lottery officer in the game of tavern,single deck at Great Capital.
Winners would be determined by Random.org

LOTTERY OFFICER: He is a person who accepts challenges of people and allot them tickets when they win.
The method of forging the ticket no. is secret and would only be disclosed to the lottery officer.
For being a lottery officer you must contribute atleast 5k gold in the pot.It's always fun to play Feulris than the challenger isn't it?
You just have to PM him/her to accept the challenge and he will come when he/she is ready.

1.Multis are not allowed to participate.
2.Max. 3 tickets a person.However he may do infinite no. of attempts until he/she gets 3 tickets.
3.Lottery officers could not participate in the draw.
4.Any player who floods this thread,or tavern chat,battlechat or insult any lottery officer through PM would be denied entry.
5.Any lottery officer found indulging in unfair conduct would be fired from his/her post without any refunds.

1.The no. of tickets available is limited,only 81 tickets are available.
2.Players who wish to be the lottery officer must apply before 13 May
3.The result would be out by 16 May.

Lords may start challenging me from this instant.They can challenge other officers when their name would be specified.
Have fun!!
Some lords PM me with the same question so I'm answering it in public that entry in this draw is absolutely free!
Gratz to great_barb our first ticket holder!

You need money! You think you got good enough luck and knowledge of cards to win a tavern game then this contest is for you:)
all the tavern enthusiasts are welcome:)
Once again I clarify that for participating for getting a ticket in this lottery is free of cost!!

If you wish to be the officer then only you have to make some contribution.

So don't hesitate to participate even if you are poor:)
I want to fight. To whom i send massage? I want ticket.
see currently all the challenges are accepted by me.Just feel free to PM me whenever you see me online.
Tavern lottery!
Grand prize:11k!

Thx to niranjan2009 for the selfless contribution:)
77 tickets remaining.hurry to get urs!
hurry before all ticket are given,grab urs:)

Grand Prize:11k, no entry fee,just have to beat me in tavern game for a tickets.One player can have max. of 3 tickets.
73 tickets remaining
i need a ticket........
for jpravin:
just PM me for a tavern game whenever you see me online:)
72 tickets remaining
A relief for you all,ticket to everyone who challenges me for FIRST time no matter you loose or win.

2nd and 3rd ones have to be earned by beating me.

71 tickets remaining:)
70 tickets remaining.
who is the officer to battle
i want a ticket but i dont know who to challenge to get one
never mind i got my answer
69 tickets remaining
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