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PlayStationNetwork Goof Up !


AuthorPlayStationNetwork Goof Up !
First thing XBOX looks like a defunkt peice of german V2 WW2 missile.
I say it is shit.PS move is not the best thing on earth,i agree,PS3 is cheap,PSP is cheap i dont agree,Hey rich guy i can bet ur great grand father,including ours wouldnt have enough money to get a PS3 besides it was not their at that time.
XBOX is completely a cheap thing,do u realise that microsoft is a failure at console gaming. It has only the XBOX to boast of ,have you seen nintendo and Sony they'll completely blast the shit out of microsoft,so dont argue and get this in ur face ! PLAYSTATION IS THE BEST
playstation can suck my........ xbox controler
Bah..my computer than all of these... :p

If PS3 was so good as you think it is why do you need to be so eloquently trying to declare it is the best? is it because xbox has dominated it??

in any case, I don't hate PS3.. nonetheless, I enjoy playing xbow more and I know many do:P So please keep your lectures of how good PS3 away from this forum because you are embarrassing yourself mate!

Sony they'll completely blast the shit out of microsoft
bla bla bla.. you cannot just compare two different things:P it's like saying this boy is more beautiful than this girl!!

I think I have embarrassed you enough so I'll let my self out and this is the last you hear from me on this shame topic:)

Silence! I KILL YOU!!!
its only a shame topic becoz u posted comments in it
You guys sucks

I do own all three :D Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3, so I have all the privileges of all the console. Dig that :D
I don't care.. I love to donate my money when I'm having fun playing the superior of all video devices xbox360.. besides I'm a fairly rich guy not like you suckers who play the cheap PS3 online...

yes thats why you got cheaper xbox O_o
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