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Gold farming

AuthorGold farming

Do you think we have some farmers here?
Just when you think humans don't get any wierder...

Do you think we have some farmers here?
The day when we have this kind of scams going on here, would mean this game would be bigger than .ru.
8:03, 782 online
So, I would say, no. :(
soooo, in which prisons u play :D
Last event top 50 should play from prison, but which one... who knows...))
There is NOOO way any one here is a gold farmer, with a max 1000 people online at once...
Gold farmers are more likely to be in a game like WoW with a playerbase of approx 13 million from what i recall there is way larger market.

You can already buy gold in this game anyway... via diamonds
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