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lvl 10 - Commander's Guild


Authorlvl 10 - Commander's Guild
Like 2 fight Duals???
45 AP+ is required to join
i'm setting challenge in the CG, join plz
please just PM me if you want to play CG (when I'm online)
send me PM if you want to do CG battles.. im always up for pvp battles and im not afraid to go against any faction :)
i am a new CG player ask me when im online :)
I'm ready to play now...and tommorrow...and the day after....
rdy to play pm me
ready, just pm me
You wont find a closer CG battle!

Anyone ready to play??
comon 2x2
does anybody want to be a my partner in the next 2x2 cg battle?
Who want in cg battle 2x2 tommorow - PM me.
does anybody want to play 2x2 CG battle?
please pm me if you are ready to play 2x2 CG today.
Topic moved from "Tournaments" to "Off-game forum".
Anyone ready for a 2x2 today
someone available?
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