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Win 1k for free! Read first post!


AuthorWin 1k for free! Read first post!
Pantheon: Hopefully today! I've got FSP +0.4 and LG+4 now.
All right! I just hit Knight FSP 4!! That means that, as promised, Igles, DuskCarnivore and Farty_Pants will each receive 1k from me for free! I'm sorry that I could not take in the other guesses but I will be doing more competitions such as these in the future. Due to the generous donation of Jedi-Knight, the winners will also receive another 1k free from him!

Thanks to everyone for participating in this competition. I will send the prizes over right away.

PS: Sorry for the double post.
closed by joechue (2011-05-31 13:30:07)
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