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You know why people can't stop roulette-ing?

AuthorYou know why people can't stop roulette-ing?
Yup, you know why?
Me, myself is also a rouletter, I've promise to save money and stop roulette-ing at AP80485, but, i can't after clicking the roulette, we saw many people's betting, 10,000 ODD, 5675 RED, 19,660 BLACK, we couldn't resist to bet it also. So we bet it and hoped for it to strike. But then we lost again, then we promise not to bet again, and this repeats, just look at my multi account, AP80485, Total roulette bets, won...
That a psychological question. My guess is
We are always attracted to easy way out of a situation. We feel roulette is a quick way to become rich and we most of the time don't think about losing bcause our mind creates a hope by making us think only about "what if we win" and tries to hide" what if we lose" bcause it causes sorrow. Some continue to play it even after knowing this , to take *revenge* on roulette.
Yeah... That's me too :D and it's also an easy way to get poor...
Humans are fuelled by two motives: a desire for pleasure and avoiding pain. Typically, the desire for pleasure outweighs the desire to avoid pain.

Pleasure = win gold at roulette
Pain = lose gold at roulette.

Also, we take more risks when there is a chance to minimize losses, which is why once you start betting, it is hard to stop if you lose.
Yes, I can't stop now but I'll try my best, I think I've successfully quited roulette.
Sorry for using multi to post... I log in and out makes me confuse -.-
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