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Super Beasbane set!

AuthorSuper Beasbane set!
is anyone planning to make the killer set? with beastbane spear 5*12% =)) imagine the damage =D
you don't have to imagine, just do the math ;)

and for higher levels the beastbane sword would be much better, it also adds dmg bonus. for CL 10 and 11, i guess the spear is a better choice, those extra attack points work better that the dmg increase, especially if you have low FSL
they would be great but still not worth it because it has such a low durability..
with the 9 beastbane arts (beastbane blade as weapon) a lev13 demon with faction level 9 would have 37 attack and 20% melee bonus.
Add 100% bless and +12 attack from chastise then 117 incendaries (max) deal 13.149 damage when the enemy has 0 defence.
( 26.298 if luck befalls )

(75 spawns = 8429, 51 cerberi=9288, 25 mistresses=6079, 14 hell horses=6391, 6 cave demons=4648 )

( basic offence/advanced offence/battle fury/cold blade as talents )
incendaries (max) deal 13.149

wow O.O
and just FYI, those 9 artifacts
https://www.lordswm.com/art_info.php?id=sh_sword <= enchanted
https://www.lordswm.com/art_info.php?id=sh_4arrows <= enchanted
https://www.lordswm.com/art_info.php?id=sh_bow <= enchanted

with only the sword enchanted the damage for 117 incendaries is 8.558

Note that I enchantments are not needed, since I calculated enemy with 0 defence.
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