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Minotaur Taskmasters Hunt record lv 5's

AuthorMinotaur Taskmasters Hunt record lv 5's
Lol https://www.lordswm.com/plstats_hunters.php?level=5&race=6&mid=taskmaster#taskmaster

as u can see im third but the 1st and 2nd players are blocked XD
eh you put this on ggf becose?
eh you put this on ggf becose?

I think he wants to be blocked too...
Why is this here . Is it actually related to general game forum?
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Off-game forum".
I got it! I guess he wants to say that the blocked players must be removed from top hunters' list and so he should be given first position.
yes,though it will make him increase,it will be good for other players to occupy other two positions.

I think empire should see about this.
Just go and surpass them :P
6 - yea thats what im trying to say...:)
i already passed level 5
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