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Roulette tips and tricks

AuthorRoulette tips and tricks
Friends roulette is not completely random to win the roulette bettings u have to hv some nowledge of statistics
u will always find a pattern in the column and the 18 half
u need to understand the pattern and gamble is urs good luck
just see my winnings
Roulette bets total: 62,375
Roulette winnings total: 73,050

MY winnings are much better than him.
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indeed GKH!

tell me how did you do it????????

lol I think i followed bhuchosen
[Post deleted by moderator cantbstopped // bow]
see i learned this tric today only therefore mmy wins r not too impressive
but today from 6000 i m 33000
and tomorrow you will come to 0
cuz these tricks dont work always
So i advise you to leave roulette before you become addicted to it and start taking loans for playing it.
^^ good one
u r jealous gkh
How i am supposed to be jealous of a lvl 7 player with just dark elf castle buildings, without a tgi, with less than 45k gold.
I am lvl 10 player with tgi, with two castles fully build upto lvl 10 and having more than 250k.
Even my mults are much more richer than your main.

It was just a friendly advise from a Indian to Indian but you considered it as a offence.
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