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you should read game rules before starting talk about active accounts:p i gave you chance to start playing this game by not reporting you few week ago, but now you were begging it:/ start again later and will see how long you can keep your mouth in control this time hehehehehe
coolahed mess with naapa what a joke hes a joke and naapa u gave me a chance lol your 1 person in this game stop thinking ura admin im playing legal so report all ya want
07-08-11 15:50: coolahed has deprived posts: ___C-O-D___

hahaha are u scared ill evict ya members paha pathetic u are ur clan sucks anyway
was great times with you, when you start over pls use my refer link:)
Seriously guys.. you log on to LWM for... this?

Go do some battles, enjoy yoursleves and have fun. Not get yourselves involved in petty arguments. :)
closed by Lord Jedi-Knight (2011-07-08 21:57:46)
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