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#716 Yin Yang Fusion

Author#716 Yin Yang Fusion
My personal goal for the clan is to bring forth great players together and get to know each other while having fun.

Entry Requirement:
1000 gold contribution to clan treasury.
Minimum combat level 5
Main characters only.
Contact me or one of our official Recruiters for an invitation, whoever is online at that time.
Please make right all transfer transgression(s), if any, before applying. Everyone make mistakes, as long as you clean up your logs, and vow not to do any more illegal transfers henceforth, we don't care about your past.
NO TAX at the moment, not many plans YET
Get to know each other....USING SKYPE *hint, hint* for all non-skypers :P
ask for me skype name :D or msn works too :D?
We also lease:

And, we have enchanters and smiths :D
for example:
Mageof10 - Weaponsmith Enchant 1*3% - 1k gold back for each 1%
hablaty - Smith - Repair 90% Cost 110%
Takesister - 4x10% weapon enchantments

and maybe more/// who knows...
I now enchant 1*4%
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