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41th survival tourney result


Author41th survival tourney result
when give a gold?
Any rewards?
what time rournament prize give to me and what i get from prize
Please answer someone to my question. Will be some rewards from 41st tournament?
i think at last day of the week
ofcoures there will be rewards-_- there are rewards every tournament
Topic moved from "Tournaments" to "Off-game forum".
Topic moved from "Off-game forum" to "Tournaments".
These STs start to be annoying. Until now we know at least that the order was: ST fights -> wait for awards -> rewards dispenses -> start next ST.
Now i don't know what to believe...
Empire is in a dead-lock.

Can she give reward and gold to a rebel?

Financially supporting the Revolution?

Should should she make a special omission for non-loyal subjects, or should she cancel rewards to everyone, as to not show favoritism?....

As you can see.. hard decisions on your empress...
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