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Chatting set up

AuthorChatting set up
i just wanna say when we battle we can chat right

can we add like the something such as a button , when we press the button the word we say can only view by our team mate if we want all people see we press the button again

Example: [team] hi (we put other colour to let other easy recognize) (CAN BE SEEN BY TEAMMATE ONLY)
[all] hi

[team] (only can be seen by team mate as a function of do not letting the tactic they will use being expose )

for [all] (every one can see the battle)

[team] or [all] will appear when only we review the battle.
hope you all will give opinion because this is the first time i write in ideas and suggestion

Its an upcoming feature

16. Team chat in combat;
closed by Lord elwin1234 (2011-09-03 14:04:35)
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